The Indian Parliament is the foremost legislative body of the Republic of India, which came into being in its present form in 1950 with the promulgation of the Constitution of India, from which it derives its legitimacy, powers and functions.

It is interesting to note that even after over seven decades of Independence, Parliament continues to remain a distant and notional entity for many. There is a severe dearth of useful information resources about Parliament that speak directly to citizens. Much of the existing information is extremely dense and not written in a manner that is accessible to the general public, in particular young people who are the future of our country.  Providing such an opportunity for learning to young people is especially important given their capacity to become leaders and mould a better future. 

‘Sabha’, the board game was conceptualised at Justice Adda as a way to create an edutainment tool for young people ages 16+ and citizens at large to learn more about Parliament, the foremost institution of Indian democracy, in a fun and interactive manner. 

‘Sabha’ has been made possible with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation. The team behind ‘Sabha’ consists of lawyers, graphic designers, parliamentary experts, and social scientists. It has been developed as a board game over the course of 9 months, through extensive consultations with parliamentary experts, game developers and civic engagement professionals. The game was also tested with focus groups consisting of high school students and a diverse mix of young professionals.

Project Team:
From Justice Adda – Saumya Varma, Siddharth de Souza, Siddhi Gupta & Varsha Aithala
From Hanns Seidel Foundation – Deepak Dhawan, Liv Hunzinger, Usha Subramanian and Volker Lennart Plän

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